Improving the Hearing Experience at Home

You and your loved ones can take steps to improve your listening experience by using good communication skills.  According to the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) there are few ways to achieve this. 

1.     Waiting

Wait until you are in the same room to talk with others.  Trying to have a conversation from a different room or from a distance is a sure way to result in breakdown in communication.

2.  Slow down

Ask your communication partner to speak at a slower rate and in a clear voice if you are unable to keep up with the conversation.

3.  Face-to-face

      By simply asking your communication partner to face you when speaking, conversation will be much easier.  Turned backs or looking down at screens are a no-no.

4.  Don’t pretend

If you are having trouble understanding what is being said in the conversation, ask for clarification.

5.   Subtitles

Most TV subscription services like DSTV, Netflix or Showmax have the option to turn on subtitles for most shows.  Notably, older shows and movies do not have this option.  A sure way to get the best listening experience is to connect your hearing aids to an assistive listening device (designed particularly for your make and model).  Assistive listening devices allow you to hear your TV directly through your hearing aids.  Ask your audiologist about the option available for you.


The strategies above are recommendations to help facilitation better communication at home.  However, if you find that you continue to struggle to hear, seek the care of your audiologist.