Dear patients,

You will be pleased to hear that practice hours will be extended from 1 June 2020.  In order to ensure your safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19, special precautionary measures will be in place.  These efforts can only be made possible with your help.  For tests and consultations, you will be seen by appointment only.  This is to ensure that at any one time, there will be no more than two person in the waiting area. 


Practice Hours:  

Monday-Friday:  9am – 4pm

Saturday:  10am – 12pm 

Our practice phone line will be forwarded to a mobile number, so you will be able to reach us at all times (including outside of practice hours). 


Masks & Sanitization
  • A sanitizing station will be set-up at the entrance, please sanitize when you enter and before you leave.
  • Face masks are now mandatory, please ensure that you are wearing one.  If not, we will provide you with a face mask at the cost of R30.


Call & Collect Service

Services and products include the following:

  • hearing aid batteries
  • cleaning and maintenance tools (drying capsules & waxguards/filters)
  • earmold retubes
  • hearing aid checks of problematic instruments
  • urgent repairs (to be sent to the manufacturer)



  • Contact audiologist, Noleen on 0826223452 or 033 3421273 via call, Whatsapp or SMS to inform her of your approximate time of arrival and what you require.
  • When you arrive at the practice, give us a ring from your car.  Noleen will come to you with the products you need. 
  • You will be able to pay by card (preferably).  
Shop Online

We are excited to announce an offshoot of the practice, Hearing Xpress.  It is an online store where you will be able to get all your hearing aid batteries and care products delivered to your door.  Hearing Xpress offers a safe and secure payment gateway and easy to navigate online shop.


By choosing Noleen Narainsamy Audiology, you are able to access professional hearing healthcare services in both Pietermaritzburg and Howick.  You will benefit from our patient-centred approach which means that your individual hearing needs are served with expert care.  With over a decade of experience and a masters degree in audiology, you can rest assured that, resident audiologist, Noleen has you covered.  The practice works closely with other medical professionals to ensure holistic and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment paths.  Our mission is to provide the best possible hearing healthcare service and make your journey to better hearing pleasant and satisfying.