Audiology Services & Product Offering
Diagnostic Services
Diagnostic Hearing Tests

Comprehensive diagnostic audilogical evaluations.  Referrals to specialists when indicated. Reports available upon request (surcharge).  

Hearing Aids & Accessories

Highly curated porfolio of hearing aids by the most reputable brands.  Our trusted brands include:  Siemens (now Signia), Oticon, Widex and Unitron. 

Industrial Audiology

Diagnostic audiograms and reports for all your occupational health requirements.  We also offer custom hearing protection for maximum noise attentuation.

Paediatric Audiology

You can trust your little one's hearing is good hands.  We offer a wide array of tests to assess hearing for children. 

Additional Products & Services

Hearing Protection

It's a noisy world!  You can get custom made noise protection to minimize noise exposure.

Swim Plugs

Swim plugs are custom made to ensure a complete seal of the ear canal -  great for children with a history of ear infections.

Shooter Plugs

Great devices for hunters.  Preserve your hearing and keep your environmental sounds audible.

Hearing Aid Supplies

You can get all your hearing aid essentials including batteries, drying capsules and waxguards.

Electronic Dryers

Hearing aids, like all technology today are vulnerable to moisture.  Up your dehumidifying game with electronic dryers.

School-based Screening

We offer school hearing screening for preschools, primary schools and high schools.